Registered Doctors

Our registered Doctors meet high quality standards 

The Dutch Association for Plastic Surgeons (NVPC) monitors the quality of the Plastic Surgeons in our country. When you select a plastic surgeon, who is registered with the NVPC then you are assured that your treating physician is a registered specialist (with the Registration Committee of Medical Specialists) and is continually trained and meets the high-quality standards of the NVPC.

High Standard of Working

All Plastic Surgeons at Praktijk Gabriels are members of the NVPC. They adhere to the strict standards of the NVPC, part of which is the code of conduct, which is why we only treat people older than 18 years in our clinic, and make sure that our clients can make their decisions freely. In addition, we use the NVPC guidelines that ensure safety and quality of treatments.

Up-to-date Knowledge and Skills

Plastic Surgeons have followed an extensive education. After studying at university to become a doctor (6 years) they developed proficiency in general surgery (4 years), and then subsequently specialised in plastic surgery (2 years). Our area of expertise continues to evolve. Plastic surgeons who are registered with the NVPC keep on developing their knowledge and skills. The committee keeps a record of all accreditations of each member.

Quality Controls

NVPC regularly performs quality audits. Every five years they audit the practices and the knowledge of the members extensively. Only plastic surgeons who meet all standards may be a member of the NVPC.

Personal Introduction

Feel free to come and meet one of our plastic surgeons. They will gladly discuss with you the treatment/procedure that you have in mind. You can then make a well-informed decision. Ask for an appointment using the form above on the right.