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A beautiful skin is a beauty ideal that most people want to meet. There are, however, external influences, such as the sun, wind and cold, which can ensure that our skin is not always as beautiful as we would like.
In addition, smoking or illness can cause dry skin, fine lines and pigmentation spots. Acne can also cause a skin that you are not completely sure about. The skinbooster aims to hydrate the skin from the inside and improve the skin quality.


During the skinbooster treatment


During the skinbooster treatment

What is a skinbooster?

When the skin ages, it loses hyaluronic acid. This is a body substance and ensures that collagen is made in the skin, making the skin look fresher and younger. A skin booster is a water-thin filler based on hyaluronic acid and is sprayed with many small injections into the area to be treated. It does not provide so much for volume, as a filler does, but just for hydration. The skin is therefore less dry and will look radiant again. The pores of the skin will refine and the fine lines will soften. It can also have a beneficial effect on acne scars.
A skin booster can be used for the face, the body (think of the neck, hands and neckline) and it can also prevent hair loss.

Skinbooster for around the eyes

RRS® HA Eyes is a skinbooster aroud the eyes against puffy eyes dark spots and fine lines.
RRS® HA Eyes is done by microneedling, making little incisions in the upper layer of the skin.

Treatment protocol
  • 1 session per 10-14 days
  • During 4-6 sessies
  • Treatment: repeat protocol after 6-8 months

Skinbooster for striae

When our skin stretches quickly in a short period, stretch marks can develop. This often happens during pregnancy, height growth in puberty or through exercise or exercise. RRS® HA Strimatrix® is a skin booster that improves irregularities in stretch mark skin. The active ingredients promote the regeneration of the dermal matrix, which can improve atrophic scars and the sagging skin between the stretch marks.

Treatment protocol
  • 6 sessions each 8-10 days
  • Treatment: repeat protocol after 8-12 months

Before the skinbooster treatment against striea


After the skinbooster treatment against striae

What are the benefits of a skinbooster?

  • Softens, nourishes and strengthens the skin;

  • Skin improvement with natural ingredients;

  • The elasticity of your skin is restored;

  • For the face, the body and against hair loss;

  • No more pale skin, smoker’s skin and fine lines.

What can I expect after a skinbooster treatment?

For optimal results, the skin booster treatment has to be repeated a number of times for the best possible result. We recommend to visit us 3 times in 3 months for a treatment. Then you will be consulted with the doctor when you return for maintenance treatment. Usually this is once in the half year. You will see the result the best two weeks after the course of three treatments in a short period and two weeks after every six-monthly boost. It is a hyaluronic acid filler and works on average for 6 months.

Do’s en Don’ts


  • Use ice pack on treated area to prevent swelling

  • If necessary, arnica cream or other anti-inflammatory medicines if necessary.


  • 12 hours after treatment:
    Avoid alcohol consumption and make-up (bruise and infection prevention).

  • 24 hours after treatment:

    Do not massage strenuous activities and treated area. Try sleeping 1 to 2 days with your head

  • 2 weeks after the treatment:
    Extreme sun exposure, UV light, freezing temperatures and sauna.

  • After the treatment, you can relax with a drink and if necessary with a cool pack to let the skin come to rest.
    We also make an appointment for follow-up after the treatment with everyone, whereby the result of the treatment is evaluated with the aid of previously taken photos.