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Diana’s advisory and mediation practice works only with pre-approved doctors and clinics. To ensure our quality, we as a practice continuously check whether these doctors and clinics continue to meet the high standards of Diana Gabriels. Gabriels Practice’s mission is to provide exceptional care and service. Our goal is to create satisfaction through personal attention, excellent customer service and personal treatment plans. In this way I, Diana Gabriels, hope to bind my customers, for now and for later.


Beautiful skin is a beauty ideal that most people want to meet. However, there are outside influences, such as the sun, wind and cold, that can ensure that our skin is not always as beautiful as we would like.

In addition, smoking or illness can cause dry skin, fine lines and pigmentation. Acne can also provide skin that you are not completely sure about. Do you suffer from this? Then perhaps the skin booster is for you! The skin booster aims to moisturize the skin from the inside out and improve skin quality. For questions please contact Jacqueline Hoornweg.

Permanent Make-up

Many women use make-up daily to accentuate the benefits of the face. The eyebrows are very important for a good facial expression and these are often drawn or enhanced by makeup. But how nice would it be if you no longer need that make-up and can, for example, skip your eyebrows or eyeliner in the make-up ritual in the morning? We have the treatments for you! For questions please contact Jacqueline Hoornweg.


Annoying hair growth is now a thing of the past! The new revolutionary technology of the Diode laser ensures that unwanted hair growth is quickly and easily removed and does not come back. This laser is therefore very suitable for the treatment of excessive hair on tinted skin.

Depilation for men and women
A unique method
No more hard stubble, skin irritation or hair ingrowth

For questions, please contact Ian Verweijen and Leyla Ramsi.

Tattoo removal

Tattoos remain visible in the skin because the body cannot break down the ink particles. Our body’s lymphatic system is unable to drain large ink particles. As a solution, the body encapsulates the ink particles, so that this non-body substance cannot cause damage to the skin. To remove a tattoo, the ink particles must be pulverized with a laser. We use the 3D NanoSure to remove a tattoo. Tattoo removal may require 3-8 sessions depending on color and size. Click here to view the price list. For questions please contact Sabina Diepstraten

Spotlight skin laser
TCA peeling
Tattoo removal
Full Face Glow
Eye en lipliner
Lip pigmentation
Laser hair removal