Spread payment

How does the spread payment work?

Sometimes there may be a wish for a cosmetic treatment, but unfortunately no money for it at the time. That is why we offer the possibility to opt for a spread payment for a cosmetic procedure.

Cooperation spread payment

We work together with a financal company in Rotterdam, Van Lent & Partners. You send us the application of the spread payment for the cosmetic procedure. Because you are entering into a payment obligation, Van Lent & Partners would like a number of guarantees.

  • A permanent employment contract for an indefinite period with sufficient income or someone who can guarantee you
  • No negative BKR registration
  • No other payment obligations for a financing
  • Registerd and living in Holland 

What information do you have to provide when applying for a spread payment

You must provide a number of different data for this. Such as a copy of your last payslip, copy of your employment contract, overview of your housing costs and other payment obligations such as alimony or other credits. Before you conclude the term payment of the cosmetic intervention financing, you decide, together with Van Lent & Partners, on a monthly amount and how long the agreement will run. This can be from 50, – euros a month.

Caution: borrowing money costs money. An interest rate will be calculated on the loan amount. For the conditions, please contact Van Lent & Partners by phone 010 – 2888 111.