Suggestions and disputes


Report your dissatisfaction
As a customer of Gabriels, you can count on us to commit to providing you with good care and to satisfy you with the result of your treatment. Despite the efforts and good intentions of our employees and specialists, it may happen that you are not satisfied. You can then choose to file a complaint. You can assume that we will work to remedy your complaint or dissatisfaction.

Our complaints procedure is in the healthcare sector under the Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act.
For more information see; WKKGZ.

What you can do if you are not satisfied with the result of your treatment

1. Attending physician
Then make an appointment for a check with your doctor. You discuss your dissatisfaction together and the doctor will share his findings with you. A good conversation can provide a lot of clarity so that you can come to a solution together.

2. Complaints coordinator
If the contact with the treating physician does not satisfy you, we offer you the opportunity to be supported in expressing your dissatisfaction and resolving your complaint. When this is your wish you fill out the complaint form. Within two working days you can expect a response from our complaints coordinator, Mrs J. Verweijen. As a daughter of Diana she offers a listening ear, advice and mediates between you as a patient and the treating physician. You can reach her directly by sending an email to

3. Complaints officer
If the contact with our complaints coordinator does not satisfy you, you can choose to request a meeting with our independent complaints officer. She will assess the course of the complaints procedure and advise you and us in this. You can contact her directly by sending an email to

4. Disputes committee
If you are unable to work with our complaints coordinator and the independent complaints officer, you may choose to submit your complaint to the ‘disputes committee’ to which Gabriels is affiliated. The committee will investigate your complaint and make a binding statement about it. You will find more information about the disputes committee here.

Request medical record
Do you wish to receive a copy of your medical file? Send an email to You will then receive an authorization form to be filled in, after which you can personally collect your file on presentation of your valid passport or ID. If you want a third party to receive your file, we need to receive a written authorization for this in advance.

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