The supporting team

What does a consultant do?

If you are interested in one of the treatments we offer, you first consult with one of our consultants. A consultant gives free advice on all possibilities within the practice. This advice has always been drawn up personally according to your complaints and wishes. During the consultation it is indicated which doctor suits you best and, in consultation with you, a date is set for the procedure. This is of course only done when you agree with the treatment. A consultation is always free of obligation. After the surgery or operation you will be called by the consultant to discuss the treatment. During this telephone conversation you can indicate whether you are satisfied and if we can do something for you.

On this page we would like to introduce you to the supporting team of Praktijk Gabriels. The support team consists of consultants and team members who ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely in the practice.

Note: a consultant at the practice of Diana Gabriels is not a doctor.

Soma Ahmed

Soma was 9 years old when she moved to the Netherlands. She has worked for Diana for 9 years now. When Diana had a small practice and a boutique at De Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam, Soma started cleaning and handing out flyers at the age of 18. When the boutique in Rotterdam went bankrupt, Diana asked Soma to work at her practise. Diana opened a new practice in Barendrecht. Soma went along of course and it has become her new home.

One day Diana was absent, but there was a client in the waiting room for a consultation. So Soma put on her naughty shoes and pretended to be a consultant. This worked out very well. Diana was convinced and started training her as a consultant. Today, Soma is the branch manager in Enschede.

Desiree van den Bout

Desiree van den Bout is the bariatric specialist at Praktijk Gabriels. She has years of experience in bariatric surgery and is therefore the best in the guidance of these treatments.

You can consult with Desiree about a gastric balloon, gastric band or stomach reduction. During the consultation she takes all the time to explain everything to you including how the treatment works and what you can expect. We also mainly listen to your story and your wishes. It is very important for Desiree to know why you want to have a treatment performed, in order for her to give you the best possible advice.

She will also be your personal coach during the entire process of the treatment. She provides aftercare and is always available for any questions or complaints. 

Claudine Sleeswijk

Claudine was looking around on the website and came across the vacancies. The company spoke to her immediately and she thought, “This job suits me, I’m just going to try it!” In a week she was invited and had an interview with Diana. “I can not really call it a job interview. It was just a nice conversation and I could start the week after! “

Claudine finds personal care very important. Her and her husband have their own gym. “Health is of course paramount, but I also think it is very important. I also enjoy being busy with looks and I can combine that well in this job. As a consultant you make people happy, it is very rewarding work. I also like to build a personal relationship, I want to make a consultation fun, not businesslike. “

Birgitte Roijers

Birgitte is our bariatric consultant and has been working at Praktijk Gabriels for more than 17 years. She was able to experience the changes within the company up close. A lot has changed in the practice over the years. From a simple consultancy firm it has grown into a private clinic. The fact that it was sometimes quite a difficult road to get here (many competitors did not want it to be a private clinic) makes it so beautiful that the company is now so successful.

Diana is very interested in the people, the market and the trends of the moment. As a result, no single day is the same. More and more buildings and locations are being added. In addition, new treatments have also been added, and with that also new doctors. Birgitte thinks the profession is so beautiful, because it really moves and the progress is clearly visible.

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Our support staff

Soumaya Ouhmed

Soumaya accidentally ended up at Praktijk Gabriels in 2017. The team was small at the time and reinforcements were needed. Soma, who was already working at Praktijk Gabriels, asked Soumaya to jump in for a few days, as reinforcement. Soumaya immediately impressed Diana and was adopted as a permanent staffmember.

Soumaya is having a good time at Praktijk Gabriels and not a day goes by that is the same. When she comes in the morning, it is always a surprise what she is going to do and will meet. It is a varying job where it is important to think in terms of solutions. Soumaya finds that very interesting. It is a small team, but she has a lot of support for her colleagues. “We motivate each other and that creates a good relationship with each other.”

Kelly Martodikromo

Kelly was told by an old colleague that Praktijk Gabriels was looking for personnel. She did not hesitate for a moment and applied. The interview with Diana went so well that she was part of the support team a week later.

The company seems to grow bigger every day and Kelly is proud to be part of a growing company. No day is the same with Praktijk Gabriels and that keeps her work interesting.

Robina de Klerk

Robina is a hard worker and hopes to work at Praktijk Gabriels for a long time. She thinks it’s a nice and fun place to work,  and she enjoyes her time with her colleagues. It is a busy company and no day or customer is the same. This is not a problem for her. The days fly by and she is feels she is in the right place.

Sam Leijsen

Sam’s mother has been the best friend of Diana for over 30 years. Sam ended up at Praktijk Gabriels after seeing a documentary about cosmetic procedures. This documentary interested her so much that she immediately went deeper into the subject. At first, she was afraid to work for Diana because she thought she would be stricter for her. But Diana told her that she is welcome and does not make any difference. After a nice conversation with Diana and a trial day she was allowed to participate at the practice.

Sam is very proud to be part of the team. High-quality medical care and personal contact are important. In addition, they work hard (together) and enjoy the working atmosphere.

Currectly, Sam is expecting her first baby! From December 2018 she will go on maternity leave.

Jacqueline Hoornweg

Jacqueline has been a client of Diana Gabriels for 20 years. One day they started talking and she told Diana that she works as a skin consultant, make-up artist and consultant for cosmetic tattoos. When Diana heard that, she immediately thought: “That is what is missing in my practice.”

Jacqueline is a professional. Customers can come for free advice on various treatments, including the cosmetic tattoo. Jacqueline received a training from Dr. Obagi and Zo Skin Medical.

Jacqueline works in our practice on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Sabina Diepstraten

In 2018 Sabina started at Praktijk Gabriels. Her good friend Charmaine put her into contact with Diana. After her lovely interview she could start right away. Also the fact that Sabina has been fighting with her weight for a while, creates a bond with the company. Last year she even wanted to have an operation performed to lose weight, but unfortunately that was not possible. So she understands very well how people feel who come in at Praktijk Gabriels.

The job is very diverse and the customer is really central. Sabina likes the face-to-face contact with people. When she came in on her first day she was quite nervous, but she was received very warmly by her colleagues. “It is not scary to start at Praktijk Gabriels. You immediately feel welcome. That’s nice.”

Sabina is also available for all your questions via our Whatsapp phone: 0615600928.

Cathelyne Kok

Cathelyne Kok lived in Dubai for five years. There she worked as a flight attendant for the airline Emirates. Homesickness has brought her back to the Netherlands.

“After my girlfriend had had a breast augmentation carried out via Praktijk Gabriels, I became interested in the company, I applied, I was soon able to meet up with a conversation and, just after that week, I walked for a day!”

Cathelyne wants to speak to English speakers within the company. Moreover, it is possible to leave a voicemail in English. She will then return your phonecall. Cathelyne is also available for all your questions via our Whatsapp phone: 0615600928.

“The colleagues are very nice and helpful and I hope I can continue working here for a long time.”

Back office

Barbara van Hoogdalem

Barbara has been working (again) at Praktijk Gabriels since July 1st, 2016. Here she takes care of the accounting with the associated tasks, such as personnel administration.

About 10 years ago Barbara stopped working with Diana after a period of 9 years because she wanted to work for a large group. She gained a lot of experience, but when Diana asked if she wanted to come back Barbara did not hesitate. She thinks it is nice that the company especially now it is professionalized and she gets a lot of independence.