Meet Jacqueline Hoornweg

Jacqueline had been a client of Diana Gabriels for 20 years when they started talking and Jacqueline told her that she works as a skin consultant, make-up artist and consultant for cosmetic tattoos. When Diana heard that, she immediately thought: “That is what is missing in my practice.”

Jacqueline is a professional where customers can go for free advice on various treatments, including the cosmetic tattoo. Jacqueline received a training from Dr. Obagi and Zo Skin Medical.

Whether it is about hyperpigmentation, acne or just the desire to keep a young fresh skin: how wonderful is it to go through life without make-up in the summer? You can also go to Jacqueline for fusion brow, browminent, scalp pigmentation, microblading, eye and lip liner and a skin booster treatment.

Jacqueline works in our practice on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10 am to 5 pm.