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Bleaching of the anus

Bleaching of the anus is a treatment that has very quickly become immensely popular, both for men and women. A lot of people dislike it when the skin around the anus is not even and therefore would like to have it corrected.

How is the anus bleached?

Praktijk Gabriels works with the Happy Peel. The benefit of HAPPY Intim® Peel is a TCA-based with pain-less solution. It is indicated for some superficial problems and disorders associated with pigmentation in anogenital area and Improve skin quality and tightening. HAPPY intim® Peel is a special medical solution to lighten and rejuvenate the skin on genital area. Procedure is comfortable thanks to a special and quick “Pain Less” system.

More than one treatment may be needed, depending on the condition of the skin. A treatment takes about 15 minutes. Because the skin continues to age, repeat treatments will be necessary over time; on average, once every one to two years.

What are the advantages of bleaching the anus?

When am I suitable for bleaching my anus?

The colour of the skin around the anus is darker because it contains more pigment. Should you not like this, you can choose to have the skin bleached, which will make the skin lighter. There is no medical reason for the bleaching of the anus.


Before you can have your treatment done, you will meet with our cosmetic gynaecologist, Drs. Joke Haartsen. You can explain what is bothering you and what your wishes are during this consultation. Naturally, you are free to ask any questions. Drs. Haartsen will provide you with information on the procedure and can recommend which treatment best meets your needs.

What can I expect after my anal bleaching?

One of the biggest advantages of using Happy Peel for this treatment is that it is not an operation. As a result, this avoids long-term recovery. You may resume your normal activities right after you have had your treatment.

We recommend that you purchase the lightening cream and use it for 12 weeks from the second day after your treatment. If necessary, the doctor can perform a second treatment by appointment. You can resume your normal work immediately after treatment. We advise you to avoid sexual contact during the first 2 – 3 days.

Should you have any doubts, feel free to contact the clinic for advice. We can be reached daily from 08:00 till 21:00 on this number: +31 (0)180-439001.