Genital bleaching

What is genital bleaching?

When a woman gives birth or gets older, the vagina can change. For example, the skin of the labia can become a bit softer, wrinkled and darker. Some women find that very annoying and disfiguring and suffer from this. Are these complaints recognizable? We are happy to give you more information about genital bleaching.

How does genital bleaching work?

The LiteScan is a fractionated CO2 laser with which the skin of the vagina can be lifted. This is possible because the laser reduces the pigmentation of the skin. In addition, the elasticity and firmness of the skin is improved. In dermatology, this treatment is also used to lighten the skin in the face.

What are the benefits of genital bleaching?

  • Reduction of pigmentation

  • More firmness and a lighter skin

  • LiteScan is a very safe laser.

When am I suitable for genital bleaching?

You are already eligible for bleaching your pubic area if the skin between your legs is darker than the rest of your skin. If you find this ugly then you can choose to bleach this skin, making the skin lighter. There are no medical reasons for bleaching the pubic area, the reason people have it done is because they like the lighter skin.


Before the treatment can be carried out, you can consult our cosmetic gynecologist: Joke Haartsen. During this interview, you can indicate what is bothering you, why you would like to have a scar correction and what the wishes are. Of course, there is also plenty of room to ask questions. Joke will give you information about the procedure and also give advice about the treatment that best suits your needs.

What can I expect after genital bleaching?

One of the biggest advantages of the procedure with FemiTight is that the CO2 laser treatment is NOT an operation. This will not interfere with your routine and you will not have a long-term recovery.

You can resume normal work immediately after the treatment. We advise to avoid the first 2 – 3 days of sexual contact, do not take a bath and do not flush the vagina internally.

It is normal if you experience slight complaints of redness, fluid and swelling for 2-3 days, do not worry about this. You can use sanitary towels when losing moisture. The use of tampons is not recommended. If you doubt anyway, feel free to call the clinic for advice. We are available daily from 8 am to 9 pm under telephone number: +31 (0) 180-439001