Genital bleaching

What is genital bleaching?

When a woman gives birth or gets older, the vagina can change. For example, the skin of the labia can become a bit softer, wrinkled and darker. Some women find that very annoying and disfiguring and suffer from this. Are these complaints recognizable? We are happy to give you more information about genital bleaching.

How is the pubic area bleached?

LiteScan is a fractioned CO2 laser which lightens the skin of the vagina. The laser reduces the pigmentation in the skin. In addition, it improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin. This form of treatment is also used in dermatology to lighten the skin on the face.

What are the advantages of bleaching the pubic area?

  • Less pigmentation.

  • Improved firmness and a lighter skin.

  • LiteScan is a safe laser treatment.

When am I a suitable candidate for bleaching of the pubic area?

You are a good candidate when the skin between your legs is darker than the rest of your skin. If you think this is unattractive, then you can choose to have your pubic area bleached. There are no medical reasons for having the pubic area bleached.


Before you can have your treatment done, you will meet with our cosmetic gynaecologist, Drs. Joke Haartsen. You can explain what is bothering you and what your wishes are during this consultation. Naturally, you are free to ask any questions. Drs. Haartsen will provide you with information on the treatment and can recommend which treatment best meets your needs.

What can I expect after having had my pubic area bleached?

One of the biggest advantages of use the LiteScan for this treatment is that it is not an operation. As a result, this avoids long-term recovery. You may resume your normal activities right after having had the treatment.

We do advise you to avoid sexual contact, not to have a bath and to refrain from washing the vagina internally for the first two to three days. It is normal to experience some redness, discharge and swelling for two to three days – don’t worry about this. Should you have some discharge then you can use a sanitary towel. We do not recommend using tampons.

Should you have any doubts, please feel free to contact the clinic for advice. We can be reached daily from 08:00 till 21:00 on this number: +31 (0)180-439001.