1. A pigmentation technique in which ‘hairs/dots’ are tattooed
  2. The best treatment for making the hair appear fuller
  3. Direct result
  4. Absolute precision work

Scalp pigmentation

Micro scalp pigmentation or Micro Hair Pigmentation (MHP) is a pigmentation technique in which ‘hairs/dots’ are tattooed. This creates the appearance of a shaved look. MHP can be used for partial and complete baldness. It camouflages baldness and scars and gives a realistic illusion of real hair. MHP creates the illusion of very short stubble, which you should first feel to notice the difference with real hair. This application method has been specially developed for direct application to the scalp. This treatment is known as the best treatments for making the hair look fuller. During this treatment small dots are tattooed that awaken the illusion of real hair. The microscalppigmentation technique is an absolute precision work.