We aaply the governance code 2017 care 1.1 – 1.4

The social objectives and legitimacy of the healthcare organisation is to offer good care to clients. 

1.1 Good care Praktijk Gabriels offers good quality care that meets professional standards and modern quality and safety requirements. The needs, desires, experiences and concerns of the client are key and are guiding in providing care. The provided care and service is agreed in dialogue and cooperation between the relevant medical service provider and the client. The medical caregivers (the doctor/surgeon) act in accordance with their professional responsibility. The care takes place within the given financial possibilities.

1.2 Agreement
Praktijk Gabriels, as a private entity, delivers services to clients based on a written agreement with the client and a written agreement with the caregiver. The agreements regarding the care and provided service are put in writing in a care plan or a client file.

1.3 Public domain
Praktijk Gabriels contributes to the public interest regarding healthcare by: – providing quality care; – being available and accessible; – making their services affordable by being frugal with the public and private funds used for financing the care.

1.4 Professional space
Praktijk Gabriels trusts the professionalism and the professional judgement of her (qualified) employees and partners. Praktijk Gabriels does this based on the expectations that the medical treating physicians can deal in a balanced way with the wishes of the client, their own professional standards and the views and costs of the care and service provision.